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Leading the fight against insurance fraud and related crimes

The Insurance Crime Bureau is a non-profit company dedicated to fighting organised insurance crimes and fraud. Since our inception in 2008, The Insurance Crime Bureau has made a significant impact on both the Short-Term and Long-Term Insurance Industry and to society as a whole. We do this by bringing together the collective resources of insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to facilitate the detection, prevention and mitigation of insurance crimes as well as assist in the prosecution of repeat offenders and fraudsters through ongoing insurance fraud investigation.

Over the years, various initiatives have been implemented by The Insurance Crime Bureau to address organised crime in the industry as well as a number of educational efforts aimed at the public to create awareness of insurance fraud scams. This allows our members to benefit from collaborative capabilities driven by data sharing, which is fundamental to identify and curb cross carrier or syndicated fraud.

Investigating insurance fraud involves a collaborative effort between The Insurance Crime Bureau, insurance companies and their internal insurance fraud investigation units as the nodal point for crime being committed across the industry, and affecting multiple companies - with the cooperation of the SAPS. The ultimate goal of The Insurance Crime Bureau therefore, is to create a joint initiative for the whole insurance industry and other related stakeholders to address crime and fraud through the sharing of information.

Furthermore, The Insurance Crime Bureau also provides a platform for the public to safely and anonymously report fraudulent activities or suspected insurance crimes through the toll-free Insurance Fraudline.

About Us

The Insurance Crime Bureau was formed after a four year investigation by the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) on how to best address crime and fraud committed across companies in the short term insurance industry.

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As a not-for-profit organisation, The Insurance Crime Bureau is solely dedicated to leading a united effort against fraud in insurance companies, particularly organised crime syndicates that target multiple carriers simultaneously.

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One of The Insurance Crime Bureau’s key focus areas is to create awareness amongst the general public on the different types of insurance fraud in the short term industry so that individuals and companies can better identify and report instances through our dedicated insurance fraud hotline.

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As an honest consumer, it is often you who pays the price of insurance fraud through increased premiums. If you suspect that insurance fraud is being or has been committed or know of someone who has submitted a fraudulent insurance claim, it is your responsibility to speak up using our dedicated insurance fraud hotline!

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