As a not-for-profit organisation, The Insurance Crime Bureau is solely dedicated to leading a united effort against fraud in insurance companies, particularly organised crime syndicates that target multiple carriers simultaneously.

The Insurance Crime Bureau is supported by law enforcement agencies and various industry partners to give our member companies the benefit of full access to fraud detection and prevention capabilities, including data analytics, insurance fraud investigations, insurance fraud training, as well as public awareness campaigns.

If your company has a commitment to combatting insurance fraud, becoming a member of The Insurance Crime Bureau will enhance your fraud-fighting efforts in many ways. In addition to vehicle theft, we focus on medical fraud, homeowners’ claims and life insurance fraud.

The Insurance Crime Bureau’s operational activities include:

  • Management and monitoring of the insurance industry Fraudline
  • Project management of insurance fraud investigations on personal, commercial, life and health insurance
  • Providing consultation to the SAPS during covert operations and investigative projects
  • Vehicle crime fighting initiatives in partnership with the SAPS
    • Pound clean up initiatives
    • Automated Number Plate recognition system
    • Cloned vehicle operations
    • Bait car operations
  • Providing an on-demand enquiry service to member companies

Why Insurance Crime Bureau Membership?

When battling insurance crimes, we strongly believe that the insurance industry needs to work together rather than acting in isolation as individual companies. The Insurance Crime Bureau is, and always has been, a membership-based organisation that relies on the support, trust and partnership of insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and related stakeholders nationwide. In turn, we offer extensive resources as well as comprehensive insurance fraud detection and investigation services to our members to help them enhance their fraud-fighting capabilities.

Member Benefits

Focus on Insurance
The Insurance Crime Bureau is South Africa’s only not-for-profit organisation that is able to support investigations, communication and information sharing between law enforcement agencies and the insurance industry.
Investigative Resources
While other companies may be able to identify fraud within a single company, The Insurance Crime Bureau’s unique multi-carrier approach and technology allows us to more effectively detect organised crime rings that target multiple organisations simultaneously.
Task Force Coordination
By leading investigative task forces, we allow member companies to become actively involved with The Insurance Crime Bureau, law enforcement and prosecutors in operations that target large-scale fraud and theft cases.
Fraud Data Analytics
Through specialised software capabilities acquired through business analytics software provider, SAS, which enables us to analyse large data sets across multiple insurers, we are able to identify and inform member companies and the law enforcement community of suspicious trends, patterns, entities and syndicates faster.
Member Support
The Insurance Crime Bureau offers an on-demand enquiry service exclusive to members in order to assist in the improvement of claims fraud detection abilities.
The Insurance Crime Bureau ensures that we are in constant communication with members; whether it be through daily interactions, electronic news alerts that provide proactive fraud information, or our website which provides detailed updates on our activities.
Vehicle Identification Expertise
The Insurance Crime Bureau has set up a number of vehicle crime fighting initiatives in partnership with the SAPS to help members recover stolen vehicles. These initiatives include: pound clean ups, automated number plate recognition system, cloned vehicle operations and bait car operations.
Above all, The Insurance Crime Bureau aims to serve the interests of our members. We work regularly with members, trade groups, legislators and other anti-fraud organisation to devise effective anti-crime strategies that will ultimately benefit our members.

Insurance Members

Associate Members