If I am treated unfairly by an insurer, where can I report this?

If you have a claim that is rejected and wish to lodge a complaint against the insurer, you can contact the Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance.

If you believe that your insurer has treated you unfairly in terms of your policy or during the application process, contact the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) and review their Code of Conduct for short term insurers to see if you have grounds to lodge a complaint through them.

How do I report alleged fraud?

Log on to the Insurance Fraudline site, managed by Deloitte, and call the fraudline number or send an email to report alleged fraud. If you choose to call the toll free number, a call centre operator will prompt you with a list of questions. Whether you call or email, be sure to include as much information as possible in your report.

Please ensure that you have specific details such: full names of individuals involved, ID numbers if known, address details for the alleged fraudster/s, vehicle details and contact details, insurance company involved if known, and a good description of the incident. Thereafter, you will be given a reference number so that you can check back and update the report with additional details at any time.

What happens to my report?

Once a report is sent via the Insurance Fraudline, the report is run through a data mining system, Memex, and classified for follow up depending on the hits received. If further information is needed, and the caller has agreed to full or partial disclosure, then only will The Insurance Crime Bureau contact them to follow up and subsequently take the report further.

Where can I report suspected fraud?

The Insurance Crime Bureau gives access to an industry fraudline that is managed by Deloitte. The fraudline gives the general public a safe and confidential mechanism to report suspected fraud committed against the industry – short term, Life and Brokers.

Who is The Insurance Crime Bureau?

The Insurance Crime Bureau was formed by the short term insurance industry to address organised fraud and crime in the industry and also investigate repeat offenders and fraudsters that target multiple insurance companies.