Insurance Crime Bureau Presence In Kznpsd

At the Insurance Crime Bureau, we pride ourselves with being able to combat syndicated insurance fraud and the related crimes throughout South Africa. We do this by bringing together the collective resources of Insurance Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Prosecutors and other Stakeholders to facilitate the detection, prevention and mitigation of insurance crimes, as well as assist in the prosecution of offenders and fraudsters through ongoing insurance fraud investigation.

With the increase in insurance fraud and related crimes in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and the Eastern Cape (Northern part), the Insurance Crime Bureau has taken a strategic decision to create a physical presence in the Region. The organisation has assigned a Short-Term Insurance Project Manager, as well as a Life Insurance Project Manager to be physically present to oversee this region. Our Short-Term Insurance Project Manager has already been nominated as the Co-Chair of the KZN Provincial Vehicle Crime Forum, alongside the SAPS Commander of Vehicle Crime, which will add immense value to our initiatives in the area.

The teams’ primary objectives will be to assist the Johannesburg office with ongoing and new investigations that require continuous ground presence. These duties will include assisting with opening cases / dockets and providing Law Enforcement Agencies with witness statements and evidence, as well as supporting the National Prosecuting Authorities with ongoing prosecutions and testifying before the Courts.

We strongly believe that their presence will add immense value not only for our Members, but for all our stakeholders, by assisting in dismantling organised criminal syndicates that plague our Nation.

Insurance Crime Bureau