Blue Light Gang Suspects Shot And Killed

During an intelligence driven operation by SAPS Counter Intelligence, Secunda Crime Intelligence, Gauteng Tactical Response Team, the Insurance Crime Bureau, Telesure Insurance Investigation and other industry partners, Three suspects were fatally wounded following a high speed chase and shootout.

Blue Light Gang suspects who were allegedly terrorising motorists on the N3 freeway were shot and killed by a multidisciplinary team of Law Enforcement officials on Sunday 28th April 2024. The suspects had committed approximately six "Blue Light Hijackings" along the N3 in the past two weeks.

According to the South African Police Service, the gang was allegedly committing Blue Light Robberies on the N3 between Villiers and Heidelberg, by stopping victims under the pretence of being Law Enforcement, committing hijackings and keeping the victims hostage for countless hours.

The multidisciplinary team was mobilised and traced the suspects to the N3 highway, where the vehicle was spotted with blue lights on. The suspects spotted the police and sped away, resulting in a high-speed chase which ended after the suspects opened fire and the Task Team retaliated.

Three suspects were fatally shot, while one gang member managed to flee the scene on foot. The team seized two unlicensed firearms and ammunition, blue lights, Multiple cell phones as well as the vehicle the suspects were in.

Congratulations to our Investigators, Law Enforcement Agencies, Members and everyone involved in removing these criminals off our streets! This has once again proven the importance of Public Private Partnerships which has resulted in a breakthrough in addressing organised crime in South Africa.

Source: SA News