Eastern Cape Couple Jailed For Life

In a shocking and tragic turn of events, Zizipho Pani and her partner have been sentenced to life imprisonment for the heinous crime of hiring Three Hitmen to murder their domestic helper, in a scheme to collect on funeral policy payouts. The court heard harrowing details of the premeditated crime, which took place on the night of October 10, 2022.

The victim, employed by the couple as their domestic helper, had become the unsuspecting target of a meticulously planned murder orchestrated by Pani. In a bid to profit from the death of their employee, Pani had taken out funeral policies on the victim's life. She then enlisted the help of hitmen to carry out the gruesome act.

On the night in question, the hitmen, familiar to the victim, were allowed entry into her home. Once inside, they viciously attacked and stabbed her and her partner, leaving them both for dead. Miraculously, the victim survived the brutal assault, managing to crawl to a neighbour’s house to seek help. She was subsequently rushed to the hospital by an ambulance, where she received life-saving treatment.

This case has highlighted the depths of human greed and the severe consequences of such callous actions. The court's decision to impose life sentences reflects the gravity of the crime and serves as a stern warning to those who might consider similar actions.

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