Nurse Arrested

A 48-year-old nurse has been arrested for allegedly murdering her 21-year-old domestic worker for R6 million in life insurance.

The woman, who cannot be named until she appears in court, allegedly took out three life insurance policies for with three different insurers. The policies had a combined value of R6 Million and the nurse was the only beneficiary.

The nurse allegedly murdered the victim at her previous home and her body was found with her throat slit at a dump site, a short distance from the nurse's home.

Police believe that she took out the three life cover policies fraudulently, seven months after she recruited her as a domestic worker. In terms of those life policies, the nurse could expect R6 million in payouts if she died from unnatural causes.

The nurse is expected to appear in court soon, facing charges of murder and insurance fraud.

Congratulations to our Investigators, Law Enforcement Agencies, Members and everyone involved in removing this criminal off our streets! This collaborative effort has once again proven the importance of Public Private Partnerships, which has resulted in a breakthrough in addressing organised crime in South Africa.

Source: News24